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"Apollo Surgical", is an internationally active Family Owned company with its base and manufacturing unit at Sialkot Pakistan.

Our foundations date back to the era when our forefathers crafted the instruments with their hands, a hammer, a chisel and a plier were the tools, a hearth and a wheeled blower were in their factory and coal and water were the chemicals, We pay tributes to them and feel proud to have laid brick over brick keeping pace with the changing world.

Through the year since its inception, "Apollo Surgical" is proud of having evolved a constant process of renovating "Surgical, Dental, Manicure, Veterinary instruments, Hospital Hollow wares,Fishing and Jewelery Tools, Scissors and Forceps".

With full range of manufacturing facilities within its boundaries, supported by a fleet of experienced workmen, supervised by qualified managements, who are proud worthy for their abilities of creating handicrafts to meet new trends and international standards. "Apollo Surgical" is a 100 % export oriented unit, Our instruments are explicitly engineered to meet your requirements.

"Apollo Surgical" instruments  are made of high quality Stainless Steel, appropriately treated; the instruments are sufficiently tested to ensure these are fault free and are guaranteed against defective material, corrosion, manufacturing lack and promised quality standards.

Customer satisfaction and commitment to quality as well as holding a competitive price is the twin passion at "Apollo Surgical". It started as a small workshop and now has become one of the leading manufacturers of surgical and dental instruments in the world."Apollo Surgical" maintains 100% customer satisfaction record with free of charge replacement and after sale support.



Every team member is dedicated to endeavour to excel in professionalism making the best use of his abilities to the optimum betterment of the outfit, so that our products, not only meet the traditional standards, but also are a specimen to follow, thereby ensuring customers satisfaction as well as better product for the next generation.



We have a passion to excel and for that we welcome your suggestions for improvements of quality and extension in product range.

                                     "WE ARE SERVING THE HUMANITY WITH PRIDE"

Murray College Road, Sialkot-51310, Pakistan.
+ 92 52 3540299
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